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OHM Blue Pipe Tobacco 8 oz. Bag

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This non aromatic goodness is endorsed by the finest Virginia and Burley tobaccos on the market. Proffering a taste so delectable and a smoke consistency that is soothing, the OHM Blue Pipe Tobacco is truly one of a kind. Known to leave behind a low room note, this product is great for any beginner that is only dipping his or her feet into the rich world of tobacco. Whether you're stuffing it into a pipe or into rolling paper, you can rest assured that your smoking experience will be top notch. Mild to medium in its strength this product shows off what its like to deliver great flavor whilst treading lightly on the senses. Each 8 oz Bag is designed with a Fresh Loc zipper that keeps the contents of the bag preserved for long durations, extending the life span of their quality so you can enjoy your favorite pipe tobacco for a long time.

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