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OHM Menthol Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20

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What sets the OHM Menthol Filtered Cigars apart from the rest is their delivery of a bouquet of minty flavors directly to the taste palate. Proffering a medium to strong flavor delivery, these masterpieces boast a revitalizing and refreshing burst of savor, allowing the senses to be inundated in an invigorating pool of flavor. Coated on the outside by a homogenized wrapper leaf these smoke sticks are created with a smooth, polished surface that flows into an attached filter. This filter expunges any undesirable byproducts of combustion from every pull, yielding an overall cleaner smoking experience. This menthol blend is designed for the lovers of a stronger tasting tobacco, those that prefer to eclipse their senses in the minty flavor in their entirety. Put away into packages for the preservation of integrity and flavor preservation, you don't have to worry about your cigars deteriorating anytime soon after purchase.

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