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OHM Menthol Pipe Tobacco 1 oz. Bag

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The love of menthol is shared universally. Many companies strive to deliver the best minty concoction possible; however, only one company is capable of transcending every smoker's expectations and standards. OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco is a product that ushers the senses to a wonderland of fresh joys, guided by the menthol found therein. Each puff renders a revitalizing sense of freshness, delivering a medium to full bodied smoke upon every inhalation. The 1 OZ bag is the best in its class when it comes to transportation, for its petite size is easily transportable. Revolutionarily grown to yield a low room note and soothing smoke, each of the coarse cut leaves found inside of the bag show off the latest technologies available to OHM. Packaged into re-sealable bags, you need not worry about the preservation of flavor and quality, for this pipe tobacco will remain fresh for a long time.

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