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OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 5 Lb. Bag

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Great discounts travel in bulk packaging. The OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 5 LB Bag is something extraordinary, with its inner contents imbibed with medium to full bodied leaves that are blessed with a fresh minty taste. Coarse cut in their texture, these leaves are exclusively designed to revitalize the structure of one's senses, rendering them fresher than mountainous air. The packaging is supreme as well, optimized for bulk usage and fit with a re-sealable Fresh-Loc zipper that preserved the contents found inside better than many other competitors. Crafted for a slow, continuous burn this product is immaculately optimized for any pipe, roll your own or other smoking medium. Created to satisfy all kinds of preferences, you can now anticipate a low room note and soothing inhalation with every drag that you take.

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