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OHM Natural Pipe Tobacco 8 oz. Bag


OHM Natural Pipe Tobacco is a special blend that is designed to deliver a smoking experience that is inherently devoid of third party flavors. Offering a non aromatic experience upon every inhalation, this product is known for producing a medium bodied smoke upon every inhalation. Made with the finest crème of the crop leaves picked off of a harvest that came from fertile lands, this product shows zero mercy to competition. Packaged in re-tractable 8 OZ bags this pipe tobacco's freshness and quality is preserved well long after the bag has been opened. Made with a transparent plastic window, one can now peer inside and see what lies within prior to committing to a purchase. Coarse cut in its nature, this product is crafted for a slow and consistent burn no matter what it is smoked out of. If you're looking to explore the taste of perfection, don't look any further!

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