OHM Sweet Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


You can now look forward to something great in your day; the OHM Sweet Filtered Cigars are the best replacement for dessert that you will ever envisage. Treated with delectable aromas, each of these flavor-filled sticks are inundated in mouthwatering sweetness that cuddles the senses with every inhalation. Cloaked in a seamless homogenized wrapper leaf, each of these smoke sticks boasts a unique flavor profile which sets them apart from other flavors in the family. Filled with the ripest short filler tobacco available, each cigar is crafted for a slow and steady burn. Fit with a filter that extracts any unpleasant byproducts of combustion, OHM assures the delivery of the cleanest available smoke with every drag. Stuffed among 10 packs with twenty sticks in each pack, the integrity of each stick is preserved when it comes to aesthetics and quality alike.