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OHM Vanilla Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20

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What's for dessert? Nothing but the OHM Vanilla Filtered Cigars, a perfect ending to a well balanced meal that won't upset your stomach. Infused with the luxurious Vanilla, this aromatic goodness embraces the senses with a sweet wave of sugary flavors. These cigars are veneered with a homogenized wrapper leaf, one that is built sturdily and seamlessly. Infused with the best pick of the harvest, each of these sticks contain ripe short filler tobacco inside, which is crafted for a slow burn. OHM fit their products with a filter in order to extrude unwanted byproducts of combustion from the smoke, allowing for an overall cleaner experience. Each pack contains 20 smoke sticks and this listing contains 10 packs. Built to sustain aggressive physical usage, each pack is optimized to preserve the aesthetic integrity of what lies inside.

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