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Optimo 2 for 99¢ Cigarillos 30 Pouches of 2 Grape


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You hear Optimo, we hear perfection. Why is that? First of all, let us introduce to you everything about the Optimo Cigarillos Grape properly so you can assimilate our point of view into your conscious mind. Each smoke stick is covered by an impeccably crafted, primed and superlatively ripened Natural Leaf from start to finish in order to yield a precious, steady burning experience that comes with every single draw. Binding each structure is a homogenized tobacco leaf that allows for a smooth aesthetic profile to pervade the entire cigarillo. The filler is infused with sweet flavors of grape, along with other third-party honeyed flavors that manifest with every single puff. Originating out of the Dominican Republic, each of these products has been crafted to perfection, showing off a natural wrapper color. With a mild strength profile, each of these products are gentle on the senses; however, they do manifest their innate flavor without any compromises. Each smoke stick is placed into resealable pouches for the purpose of flavor preservation.

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