Optimo 2 for 99¢ Cigarillos 30 Pouches of 2 Silver


If you're looking for a top-quality cigar made of premium tobacco, then Optimo Silver Cigarillos are worth a look. These cigarillos are manufactured in a plant situated in Jacksonville, Florida and are made using only natural leaf wrappers and filler that is chemical-free tobacco. They are available in two-count packs.

These cigars are renowned for their flavorful, mellow smoke. The distinctive combination of tobaccos makes them possess a taste that is distinctive in their class. The natural wrappers safeguard the flavoring of the tobacco, while providing a smooth and enjoyable experience. It is the Optimo name that is a very popular option for cigar smokers at all levels.

Optimo Silver Cigars have a smooth, even burn. They are made from premium tobacco. This results in an aromaticand subtly sweet smoke. These cigars are long-lasting burning time and a smooth, smooth finish. They also offer excellent value for cost.