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Parodi Avanti Bourbon Flavored Cigars 10 Packs of 5


Don't wish to outsource your purchases by going out on a limb and buying something that was grown and crafted outside of the United States? Take into consideration the Parodi Avanti Bourbon. What you have here is a 100% domestic, USA made cigar that is the one and only manufacturer that is based solely in the states. Thanks to an amalgamation of Tennessee's and Kentucky's finest tobaccos, these hand-picked goodies are infused with Bourbon flavors to the brim. These flavors allow for the smoke stick to be reminiscent of an aged whiskey, tantalizing the senses and tricking them into believing that they are enjoying the fine spirit itself. These cigars are built to be devoid of a binder, relying solely on their intrinsic construction.

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