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Phillies Cigarillos 2x$0.99 White Grape 30 Pouches of 2


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White grape has become a staple in the smoker 's community over the years, featuring some of the best cigars and cigarillos on the market infused with some of the delicious flavors. The Phillies Cigarillos White Grape are no different, featuring a premier smoking spirit straight out of Philadelphia. Made from an amalgamation of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos, each of these products boasts an infinite explosion of tastes to the palate with a single puff. Their mild in strength punch still treats the senses with respect, however, allowing them to experience what they signed up for from the start. The sweet berry flavors rendered by this recipe are unparalleled, requiring a special kind of attention. This listing features 30 pouches of 2, where each pouch is fit with a zipper in order to preserve quality and freshness.

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