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Phillies Filtered Cigars Sweet 10 Packs of 20

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Introducing the Phillies Sweets Filtered Cigars - one of the most well rounded tobacco products currently available on the market. This concoction brings out the best in the natural tobacco flavor whilst mixing it with a perfectly balanced taste of sweetness. Thanks to a reinforced homogenized wrapper leaf, the Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler tobaccos allow for an immaculate flavor delivery that is underpinned by qualities of a slow, sensational burn. Allowing for an easygoing draw, these 3.12x20 cigars boast a smooth design that extends from one end to the other while perfectly blending the filter with the main body. Natural on the style and color, the wrapper is designed in a way where flavor consistency is delivered throughout the smoke without any uneven patches. Thanks to a specialized filter, each and every unwanted byproduct of combustion is properly extruded in ways which allow one to have an impeccable smoking experience.

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