Pom Pom Cigarillos 99 Cent Pre Priced 15 Packs of 3 Cigars White Grape


Try something that possesses an essence, which sets itself apart from the rest with no apparent effort. Maybe it 's the quality that you 're looking for, because the Pom Pom Cigarillos White Grape promote the highest standard in the industry for comparable products. The highly aromatic smoke that emanates from these products is due in full to the finest Dominican Republic tobacco that has been grown with extreme care under ideal conditions. The short filler that comprises the insides of the cigarillos is swathed by a smooth, gorgeous homogenized wrapper leaf that has been perfectly cured and rolled. Each stick assimilates the dimensions of 4.5 inches and the gauge of 28 accordingly. This flavor introduces white grape on the scene, rendering the juiciest berry flavors throughout the duration of the entire smoke. The listing features 15 packs of 3 accordingly, whereby the resealable pouches are the optimal solution for long term flavor and quality preservation.