Quorum Classic Corona Cigars Bundle of 20


Packing a powerful flavorful punch, the Quorum Natural Cigars show off a gorgeous overlay that is comprised of a Natural Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper- the only kind in its class of elite veneers. Bound by an exclusive binder from Nicaragua and filled with short filler tobaccos that are infused with earthy spices these Quorums are known for their consistency in burn. Brown in color, their seamless design sets them apart from the rest by offering a silken texture that is rather buttery when embraced by the fingers. Medium in its strength, these cigars offer an impressive smoking experience for the beginner and expert alike. Handmade in Nicaragua, the quality is underpinned by tobacco plants that have been grown in conditions of high humidity, fertile soil and consistent rainfall in order to achieve the perfect harvest. Made from an ancient Cuban blueprint, these Quorums are made from the highest in quality materials that are combined in perfection in every one of these Natural Cigars.