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Quorum Classic Short Robusto Cigars Bundle of 20


Don't have the luxury to enjoy a cigar in full? Start with the Quorum Natural Short Cigars for a change. It won't last as long, but will fill all of your recreational cravings. Wrapped in an illustrious Natural Ecuador Sumatra Wrapper, these beauties show off a cutting edge binder from Nicaragua that keeps the whole Quorum together. Stuffed with short filler tobacco from the same country, this is the type of product that burns smoothly and efficiently without being too harsh on your lungs. Boasting a beautiful dark brown color and buttery feel to the veneer, these cigars emit earthy spices upon ignition whilst promoting a smoke that is medium in strength. Their spicy Nicaraguan Sungrown cloak is grown under conditions of etiquette sun and rainfall, being a part of a soil so fertile that every puff is saturated with ripened natural tobacco tastes that leave behind an uncompromising aftertaste and room note. Concocted from infamous Cuban recipes, these masterpieces have withstood the test of time and proven to be among some of the best cigars in the world time after time again!

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