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RAW Papers Classic 1 1/4 Pack of 24

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RAW Papers are a unique and contemporary method of smoking. They are made of 100% natural ultra-thin, non-bleached fibers. Each pack includes 24 papers. They're perfect to smoke and are constructed out of hemp and are natural. They also come with an exclusive cross-patterned watermark that helps reduce burns and runs.

RAW Classic Rolling Papers are constructed from the finest natural plant fibers. They are steam-watermarked with a crisscross impression. Due to their high-end standard of quality RAW Natural Rolling Papers have gained a cult following. Their unbleached, sap of a tree gumline provides a remarkably smooth and comfortable smoking experience. They are produced using a special process that removes no trace of the chemical compounds that other papers that roll contain. RAW Papers are also translucent and allow you to see the paper.

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