Red River Cool Mint Pipe Tobacco 6 oz. Bag


The best refreshing experience that can be embraced comes from inhaling the Red River Coolmint pipe tobacco - a product that soars way above its competition. Comprised of only the most premium, perfectly cured tobaccos this pipe tobacco burns smoothly and evenly, tendering a fresh, minty taste. Producing a medium in strength smoke when ignited, this pipe tobacco includes just the right flavor without leaving anything out. Red River packages this pipe tobacco into their top of the line resealable bags that allow for the preservation of freshness and quality for long periods of time. All of these pipe tobacco products are packaged in 6oz bags for the conservative smoker and 16oz bags for the more experienced smoker accordingly.

Produced in the United States by the famous Global Tobacco, Red River imports its tobacco leaves from some of the best tobacco plantations in the country, where just the right amount of rainfall, sunlight and humidity intersect.