Red River Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag


The smooth smoke proffered by the Red River Smooth pipe tobacco is hard to match- its smooth, gentle burn offers for taste and flavor consistency that is nothing but top notch. Made of the smoother Burley and Virginia tobacco leaves, this product is mild in strength - perfect for the novice smoker that prefers to evade the harshness that comes with the full bodied smoke. This pipe tobacco is tightly sealed in resealable bags that impeccably preserve freshness and quality, eliminating the distribution of shake and preserving the integrity of the cut. Packaged conveniently in 6oz and 16oz bags, this product is sure to please the pickiest of smokers.

Made by Global Tobacco in the USA, Red River is a company that derives its pipe tobacco from plantations that receive just the right amount of rainfall, sunlight and humidity to render the perfect tobacco plant.