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Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully Cigars Box of 25


Dominican Size: 5 x 50 Robusto

Many people nowadays have a difficult time enjoying the little things in life due to a lack of awareness. They entirely disregard the true pleasures from every day life that one can easily attain. Decades ago, when a high demand for premium cigars was still sentient, smokers were able to derive from their daily smoke a feeling of a heavenly touching smoke that would caress their lips and mouths. Today, the legendary Dominican Republic continues to bring the charm upon those that are still interested in noticing the little things in life. We invite you to try the legendary Romeo y Julieta Bully Cigars Box of 25. Filled with Dominican long filler tobaccos and fitted inside the redolent Indonesian shade grown wrappers, the Romeo y Julieta Bully Cigars Box of 25 will bring your awareness back to where it naturally belongs. Allow the hints of cedar, spice and nuts to caress and embrace your taste buds as you first inhale. Romeo y Julieta Bully Cigars Box of 25 are a truly magnificent, medium bodied smoke that render a great burn, consistency and draw. With a nearly excellent construction and appearance, these Romeo y Julieta Bully Cigars Box of 25 will leave your senses speechless, tricked into thinking that they have passed onto heaven. With a 5X50 size, these Sumatra wrapped Romeo y Julieta Bully Cigars Box of 25 are worth every penny of their listed price tag. To ensure consumer satisfaction, Tobacco General is offering the Romeo y Julieta Bully Cigars Box of 25 at a reasonable low price. Keep in mind, however, we never sabotage the quality! It remains soaring in elevated dimensions. Try for yourself!
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