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Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Churchill Cigars Box of 25


Dominican Size: 7 x 50 Churchill

Some of the things in this life must be evaluated from the beginning. Questions such as "is it worth it?" are posed and provided it isn't worth it, solutions are fabricated in order to reimburse complications that arose from the original negative choice in order to gloss them with a brush of positivity. Those that generally resort to smoking premium cigars, however, need not fabricate a solution. Those that choose to smoke premium cigars are already swimming amidst their positive choice in the form of pleasure. In observance of common consumer demand, Tobacco General is providing the ultimate yet Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars Box of 25. Allow your sense of taste and smell to immerse in the gentle touch of the smoke emanating from the Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars. A rather blissful sensation is created when a commingle between Dominican long-filler tobaccos and Indonesian TBN (shade-grown) wrappers is created. This blissful sensation puts your senses in a world of ecstasy, a rather renowned and respected world. These Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars tender a smoke in a rather perfect equilibrium, allowing your senses to experience a complete medium bodied smoke with hints of nuts, spices and cedars. With dimensions of 7x50, each of the Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars is wrapped in a Sumatra type natural leaf that allows for a slow and even burn from end to end. Reviews state that these Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars have a fantastic draw, consistency and burn. You won't be disappointed with these Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars! Tobacco General offers very low prices on each of the Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars, especially with the collective Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cigars Box of 25 with the application of the discount for bulk items or boxed items. With quality assuming elevated dimensions, you will keep buying these great cigars millenniums on end!
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