Royal Majestic Filter Tubes 100 mm Green (Menthol) 5 Cartons of 200


These beautiful works of art come from a special place in the Philippines where quality is regarded before the desire to turn a profit. Made for the mint lover, these menthol goodies boast an incredible revitalizing flavor that adds to whatever the flavor of the cigarette tobacco you pack them with is. Creating a refreshing overtone, each of these tubes are crafted for an ultra slow and even burn. Fit with filters that suffice to extrude any unwanted byproducts of smoking, each of these products render a cleaner smoke than the competition, allowing for an experience to yearn and be grateful for. Each of these crafted beauties are 100mm in length, giving the aficionado an opportunity for a longer in duration smoke. Matching impeccably with their corresponding filter by the blueprint of the design, these are downright appetizing.