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Royal Majestic Filter Tubes King Size Blue (Light) 5 Cartons of 200

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The essence of the light flavor permeates the Royal Majestic Blue Filter Tubes, created for the purpose of delivering tubes to those that don't wish to overpower their senses or overshadow the flavor of the cigarette tobacco they fill the tubes with. So, what's so great about this product? Manufactured for preciseness and accuracy, each tube is snugly fit with a filter that extrudes every unwanted byproduct of the smoke with every inhalation, reducing the smoke to the cleanest possible byproduct of combustion. These regular tubes don't burn for long periods like the 100mm ones do, but still show off impressive ignition durations, rendering them the best bang for the buck in their class. Made in the Philippines, these products are machine manufactured to fit the highest standards possible. No matter what the occasion is, don't bypass this opportunity to enjoy a truly legendary smoke.

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