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Show Cigarillos Green Sweet Pre Priced 15 Pouches of 5

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Enjoy a creative, minty solution to quenching your smoking desires. The Show Cigarillos Green Sweets are perfect for tantalizing and revitalizing your senses with every inhalation, blessing them with a delectable menthol sensation upon every inhalation. Wrapped in a flawless wrapper leaf that comes from the Dominicas, these pre rolled products are seamless, boasting an all around gorgeous finish. Stuffed with filler tobaccos from the Caribbean, you can now enjoy a smooth taste and slow burn every time you ignite your smoke sticks. Their incredible essence epitomizes the definition of perfection. Professionally filtering out any unwanted byproducts of combustion, these products are placed into resealable pouches for the purpose of flavor and quality preservation. Try them now, for you shall never be disappointed. They're better built, longer lasting and prettier than their competition!

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