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Signal Vanilla Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20

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Experience an enticing aroma of the Vanilla flower - an experience so pure that it tantalizes the senses all the way to the end of the smoking experience. The Signal Vanilla Filtered Cigarettes are aromatic masterpieces that are infused with vanilla extracts that overshadow the natural tobacco flavoring, emanating from them when ignited. Blended from three different kinds of tobaccos that are all homegrown in North Carolina, these cigars boast an unprecedented delivery of pure flavor that yields a mild in strength smoke. Perfect for beginners and aficionados alike, these cigars are perfect for the fruitful sensationalists - veneered in an exclusive homogenized tobacco leaf wrapper, one can expect incredible consistency out of their burn. The delivery of the Vanilla flavor is rather subtle and never overpowering, yet it is brought forth in such a successful way that the cigar gives off a very creamy smoke that leaves behind a noticeable, pleasant room note. Fitted with a fully functioning filter, these cigars provide the smoker with a pure smoke that is free of all unwanted constituents of combustion. Packaged tightly in fitted containers, these cigars are subject to a long term preservation of freshness that greatly prevails over Signal's competition. Experience this product now- you won't regret it!

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