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Smoker's Choice Original Red Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20

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Smokers Choice's original Filtered cigars have been a favourite of cigar smokers for more than 40 years. These premium filtered cigars are silky, luxurious and easy to use. They are proudly produced in the United States, so you are assured that they're made with natural tobacco. These cigars are a fantastic option for those looking for an easy cigar that has a smooth, natural taste.

A lot of people who enjoy smoking a cigar understand that cigars are an ideal companion for a relaxing time. But more and more and more people are squeezed for time, which is why filtering cigars are the ideal solution. Filtered cigars are great for those looking to experience the flavor, aroma, and experience of a good cigar without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

Smoker's Choice's Original Filtered Cigars are constructed using a premium Colorado Claro wrapper and are the ideal size for smoking in leisure. They have a great aroma and flavor and will leave you content with each puff. They've been making an impact in the world of cigars for a long time and are the most popular choice among smokers.

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