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Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco Robust Blue Blend 8 oz. Bag


Designed exclusively for the fanatic of the cool, medium bodied smoke the Smokin' G Robust Blue Blend Pipe Tobacco is a gift from the gods, boasting an unprecedented delivery of flavor and consistency with every inhalation. Comprised of only the cream of the crop Virginia and Burley tobaccos that have been expertly cured, this pipe tobacco comes from domesticated farms that treat their harvest with only the best technologies available. Expertly cut to fit any traditional roll your own or pipe this product stands out above the rest when it comes to consistency in burn or duration of the smoke.

This American based company never disappoints. Thanks to Tobacco Outlet Express, LLC, its parent manufacturer, Smokin' G had raised its packaging standards by putting its tobacco into a double pouch and adding a plastic window for prospective consumers, which allows for the scrutiny of the contents found within. Thanks to a brand new technology, one can expect that the contents found inside each pouch adhere to the highest standards in the preservation of flavor and quality of the product. You simply cannot go wrong with the purchase of this masterpiece.

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