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Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco Smooth Crimson Blend 8 oz. Bag

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The Smokin' G Smooth Crimson Blend Pipe Tobacco is a delectable blend that is comprised of Burley and Flue cured tobaccos that allow for a gentle, yet smooth and mellow taste. The mellow profile sponsored by this product does not omit the inherent bold kick that it offers, often slightly stronger than the leading competition. Cut to fit pipes and rolling paper alike, the definition of each rag cut tobacco flake is even and boasts an impeccable design for a consistent burn. Grown on all American tobacco farms, this domestic product subscribes to only the highest qualitative standards.

This pipe tobacco is double packaged into pouches that are designed for the preservation of flavor and freshness. Made with a transparent cut out, each package allows the customer to peer within prior to purchasing the product. The fine definition of each flake will captivate the customer each time they ignite it.

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