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Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco Smooth Platinum Blend 8 oz. Bag

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Designed for the ultra light smoker, the Smokin' G Smooth Platinum Blend is a delectably crafted pipe tobacco that inserts the meaning behind ultra mellow into the pipe tobacco they manufacture. Made without an addition of unnatural pesticides or preservatives, you can rest assured that the product you're smoking is comprised of only the top of the line Virginia and Burley tobaccos that have been cured with the highest technologies available to the tobacco industry as of today. Diced into a rag cut for the purpose of rendering optimal consistency this product features a gorgeous texture that perfectly fits any roll your own or cigar accordingly.

Thanks to double packaging and a plastic window installed in it, Smokin' G now provides the consumer an opportunity to gaze inside and see what lies within as a part of the preview process that takes place prior to purchase. Hidden away in a state of the art packaging solution, this pipe tobacco's freshness and quality is preserved for extended durations and will always deliver an uncompromising smoking experience.

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