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Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco Turkish Mellow Blend 8 oz. Bag

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Introducing a blend that boasts the international taste of the Turkish leaf whilst reducing the impact on one's senses, the delectable Smokin' G Turkish Mellow Blend Pipe Tobacco is a product of the gods. Sponsoring a rag cut that is a rather amiable mixture, allowing for a perfect unison with pipes and roll your owns alike this concoction is comprised of the finest Virginia and Burley tobaccos, mixed in well with the mellowed Turkish leaf that serves as an impeccable addition to the mix. This product is for those, who take optimal delight in exotic blends that leave behind a light room note thanks to an amalgamation of ingredients that treat the senses with respect due to an inherently mellow nature.

Produced for the aficionado by Tobacco Outlet Express, LLC on farms that are domestic in the United States each pipe tobacco blend is double packaged into pouches that are crafted for an optimal preservation of freshness and quality. Designed with a plastic window, which allows for the consumer to preview the product prior to purchasing it Smokin' G continues to show off confidence in their products.

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