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Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco Turkish Mellow Blend 8 oz. Bag

5 reviews

Introducing a blend that boasts the international taste of the Turkish leaf whilst reducing the impact on one's senses, the delectable Smokin' G Turkish Mellow Blend Pipe Tobacco is a product of the gods. Sponsoring a rag cut that is a rather amiable mixture, allowing for a perfect unison with pipes and roll your owns alike this concoction is comprised of the finest Virginia and Burley tobaccos, mixed in well with the mellowed Turkish leaf that serves as an impeccable addition to the mix. This product is for those, who take optimal delight in exotic blends that leave behind a light room note thanks to an amalgamation of ingredients that treat the senses with respect due to an inherently mellow nature.

Produced for the aficionado by Tobacco Outlet Express, LLC on farms that are domestic in the United States each pipe tobacco blend is double packaged into pouches that are crafted for an optimal preservation of freshness and quality. Designed with a plastic window, which allows for the consumer to preview the product prior to purchasing it Smokin' G continues to show off confidence in their products.

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John F.
Your Products Are at A great price

Your web site needs work, it is infected with trojans

David W.
The Best just got better

I recently wrote up a review for Smokin' G Straight Turkish blend, singing its praises to the RYO world, particularly those of us with a penchant for Turkish varietals. There is nothing in that review I would change. I love it, and those willing to take a chance will love it as well. All the attributes, qualities and emoluments noted in that review are present in their Turkish Mellow blend as well, only with a mellower note and slightly sweeter taste than the Straight blend. Truth told, I can't unequivocally favor one over the other. Each has it's own unique skill set that make both varieties malleable in different contexts. I'm a Turk Freak who appreciates menthol, and there is no brand that I know of that combines Turkish with menthol on the value bag market. Having experimented extensively with adding menthol to the various Turkish blends in this niche, Smokin' G Turkish Straight approaches perfection in terms of a menthol/Turkish hybrid. I also appreciate unfettered Turkish taste minus the menthol on a regular basis, but find other blends either lacking in flavor or too harsh for my taste, That's where Turkish Mellow steps up, giving me that classic. unmistakable taste that many associate with Camel Lights, and in my opinion tastes even better. It also pairs well with menthol, but shines as a standalone. Both stand apart from others on the market, and each has its place. I'll be ordering both again and give them my unqualified Best in Show award. If you love Turkish, you really need to try each of these fantastic blends. Smoke them in good health!

Turkish blend

Smoked Camels for years,I think this is even better..

John F.
Smokin G

I have been smoking for over 50 years and by far this is the best I have smoked.

David W.
In Search of the Turkish Holy Grail

I've been on a mission for the past year or so in quest of the ideal Turkish value bag blend to use as both standalone and as a menthol admix. There are still a few more blends out there that need to be put to the test, but in the end I think Smokin' G Mellow Turkish will be a top contender. Opening the bag for the first time yielded the unmistakably sweet, spicy bouquet unique to small-leaf Oriental tobacco. I suspect Smokin' G uses a more generous helping of Turkish than most of it's competitors, and the first hit more or less confirms that. There is no mistaking the Turkish component, unlike some others that make you search for it. Since there are currently--at least to my knowledge--no Turkish menthol blends available in the realm of bagged value tobacco, I have taken to using a quality menthol tobacco flavoring spray and applying the menthol veneer to my taste. Smokin' G takes it very well, creating a true menthol/Turkish hybrid that reminds me of some of Camel's more exotic menthol offerings of the past--in other words, delish! I realize that not everyone is as much a Turkish menthol aficionado as I am, but as a standalone Turkish, this stuff really shines, and outperforms all others I've put to the test thus far. So by the power vested in me by absolutely no one, I hereby proclaim Smokin' G Mellow Menthol blend a worthy contender for #1Berserk Turk. If you like Turkish, you definitely need to give this one a whirl.