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Smokin' G Pipe Tobacco Turkish Straight Blend 8 oz. Bag

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Introducing the exquisitely new Smokin' G Turkish Straight Blend Pipe Tobacco, a blend concocted exclusively out of Virginia, Turkish and Burley tobaccos where the Burley and Virginia tobaccos are domestically manufactured by skilled American farmers and the Turkish tobaccos are imported from Caribbean countries. This delicious blend features a sun cured tobacco that gives off a rather pleasant aroma whilst keeping the flavor rather mellow and respectful to the senses. Smokin' G never adds harmful pesticides and is free of preservatives, unlike the leading competition. They have managed to win over roughly 82% of smokers that inherently prefer other brands prior to giving Smokin' G a try.

Hidden expertly inside of packages that are double packaged for the purpose of flavor and quality preservation each package has a transparent window that allows for a glance at the state of the art rag cut. You can now rest assured that each time you burn this beauty you will have a pleasurable experience that is derived from a slow and even burn.

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