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Sparrow Blend Number 23 Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag

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Blended with the finest combination of expertly cured Cavendish tobaccos, the Sparrow Blend Number 23 Pipe Tobacco shows off a sensational Menthol blend that takes the senses on a journey of revitalizing pleasures that freshen them up in the image of perfection. This full flavored blend leaves no flavors behind when delivering its blast to the senses, offering a great pleasure every time it is ignited and inhaled. Minced into a ribbon cut, you can comfortably stuff your roll your own or your pipe with this tobacco and experience a steady, slow burn every time that doesn't leave behind an excessive room note unlike other Menthol blends. Sparrow packages this pipe tobacco into resealable 16 oz pouches for the purposes of flavor and freshness preservation and continues to captivate smokers' senses for impeccable quality.

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