Sparrow Original Blend Pipe Tobacco 16 oz. Bag


This blend represents the definition of perfection due to a perfect balance in all the right ways. Not only is this ribbon cut masterpiece perfect for any pipe or roll your own, it demonstrates world renowned consistency when ignited and inhaled. Combined with the finest Cavendish tobaccos, the Sparrow Original Blend Pipe Tobacco is a product that excels in the department of delivering the finest taste of natural tobacco without contaminating it with any other flavors. This full flavored blend is exceptionally smooth every time it is ignited, soothing the senses in the throat to the highest degree whilst being completely devoid of harshness. This aromatic Pipe Tobacco sets the standard for other tobaccos, thanks to a faultless 16 oz packaging solution that is underpinned by the ability to preserve freshness and quality for extended periods of time due to a stitched resealable zipper.