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Super Value Pipe Tobacco Vanilla 12 oz. Bag

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Your senses are now demanding the essence of the vanilla flower? Perhaps you should treat them to the delectable concoction of Super Value Pipe Tobacco Vanilla, a premier blend of premium Burley and Cavendish tobaccos that bestows upon the smoker a gentle essence of the vanilla flower in absolutely tantalizing ways. With every inhalation, the nucleus of the vanilla flavor permeates the surrounding environment like a golden elixir. The mellow room note is in fact pronounced, but tender enough not to overpower the senses of bystanders or the smoker himself/herself. The aromatic essence of this goodness is optimized to bestow upon the smoker a combination of pure, natural tobacco flavors with an overtone of saccharine vanilla in ways where the senses are tricked into thinking that they are consuming a delicacy. The consistency of this product is lose cut, a perfect texture for pipes and rolling paper alike for people that take delight in enjoying consistency in their smoking experience. Each product is stuffed into resealable 12 oz bags, optimized for the preservation of flavor and taste. If you 're looking for the ultimate smoking experience, why not opt in and try something that will change your senses forever?

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