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Swisher Sweets BLK Tip Cigarillos 15 pouches of 2 Grape

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Do you wish to experience the finest of what pipe tobacco has to offer? Consider looking into the Swisher Sweets BLK Tip Cigarillos Grape, made exclusively to combine one of the most popular berries with one of the most demanding tobacco products on the market. Cloaked in an opulent Dark Brown Maduro veneer, each of these smoke sticks features a breathtaking finish that is smooth the touch and beautiful to the eyes. Packed inside is an ultra-ripe pipe tobacco, cut and sliced into thin, even pieces in order to promote a steady smoking experience. The smooth, tasty grape flavor is apt to fill your senses with exclusive fruity flavors that are delectable and unparalleled. Each of these products is medium bodied in its strength profile, featuring a smoking experience that is gentle on the senses when it comes to flavor delivery. With a length of 4 inches and a gauge of 30, you can expect a premium and appetizing smoke every time you dare to light these cigarillos up!

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