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Swisher Sweets Cigarillos 1.49 Pre Priced 30 Pouches of 2 Swerve

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Can’t wait for summer to get here? You’ll love Swisher Sweets Swerve Cigarillos! A brand-new flavor beautifully melds the favorite flavors from summer. Each puff is a personal reminder of everything the season represents for you. These invigorating smokes combine the sweet and luscious flavor of fresh strawberries with the enchanting taste of margarita.

The summer flavors take the show, and you can almost feel the heat! With all-natural tobacco fillers and wrapper, every puff is mild yet exhilarating. Each foil wrapper stores two cigarillos, allowing you to keep your summer all year long.

Swisher Sweets Swerve Cigarillos are limited-edition! Get them while you still can! 

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