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Swisher Sweets Cigarillos 99 Cent Pre Priced 30 Packs of 2 Cigars Grape

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Grapes have been creatively used in a variety of dishes and desserts, but what about in a cigarillo? Swisher Sweets Grape Cigarillos delivers this fun twist on smoking. With Swisher Sweets’ history of continuously outperforming itself, a delightful grape-flavored smoke is no surprise.

Created using quality tobaccos blended to perfection, you will surely get a sweet and light experience until your last puff. To protect this masterfully created merriment of flavors, foil pouches are used. These effectively seal in the flavor, so it is always fresh and delicious whenever you want one. Because they are machine-made, each smoke is guaranteed to create a uniform experience.

Every pack of Grape Swishers contains 30 foils, each of which contains 2 cigars. So, when an accompaniment for a light-bodied white wine calls, you can always reach for an aromatic smoke stick to satisfy the craving

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