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Swisher Sweets Leaf 3 for $1.79 Pack of 30 Peach Brandy


If you're in search of an unusual new cigar flavor, try the Swisher Sweets Leaf Peach Brandy. These cigars made from rough cut are handcrafted by hand in Honduras and are influenced by the taste of the peaches that were cultivated by bootleggers. They have a smooth, sweet flavor and an easy draw. They're great for people who seek a flavor that is unique and enjoyable.

The flavor of Swisher sweets leaves Peach Brandy is distinctive and delicious. These cigars are wrapped with tobacco leaf or paper made from tobacco. The cigarillos are designed to be lighter than cigarettes, however they're bigger than other cigars. They aren't filter-filtered, which means you don't have to worry about your taste buds becoming irritated. 

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