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Swisher Sweets Legend Maui Mango Cigarillos, 15 pouches of 2

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If you'd like to enjoy the taste of a cigar that reminds you of the tropical islands, then you should consider the Swisher Sweets Legend Maui Mango cigarillo as the perfect option. The cigar is made of premium tobaccos as well as an Connecticut Shade Leaf wrapper the cigar is infused with mango flavors to make the perfect, smooth smoke. Each cigarillo comes in a pouch that contains two cigars in each package. They are also sold with boxes of 15 pouches.

They Swisher Sweets cigars first introduced in 1861, and have been a huge hit since the time they were first introduced. They were officially introduced in 1958 and are now responsible for a third of all cigarettes being sold throughout the USA. Even with their modest price they are one of the top cigar makers. Their manufacturing plant is among the largest worldwide, producing millions of cigars every day.

The sweet cigars are wrapped in natural wrappers and feature a an incredibly flavorful blend from four tobaccos. They're not as hard like other brands and also are flavored with coffee in every draw. They are easy to light and provide an impressive draw. They are also delicious, Swisher Sweets Legend Maui Mango cigars possess a lovely smell and are also simple to store.

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