Swisher Sweets Mini Cigarillos Blueberry 15 Pouches of 3


If you're a tobacco fan, then you will certainly be awed by Swisher Sweets Mini Blueberry Cigarillos. The sweet cigars are manufactured and are made with 100% tobacco. Their flavor is sweet and you'll find them suitable to use for any special occasion. If you're in search of a simple and inexpensive way to enjoy cigarettes and a glass of wine, the Swisher Sweets Blueberry 15 packs of 3 are the best option for you.

The pouch's resealable packaging and tasty flavor make Swisher Sweets mini Blueberry popular among smokers. The distinctive combination of tobaccos that make Swisher Sweets Cigarillos is what makes them a sought-after option. The tobacco used in Swisher Sweets cigars is a secret blend, which makes these delicious and fragrant.

The cigarillos are 4 and 1/2 inches, and have an organic wrapper. They burn evenly and offer the perfect, rich, and pleasant taste. The company first began making these cigarillos as small cigars in the year 1958 from Jacksonville, Florida. The cigarillos are packed inside a resealable container to ensure freshness. The display holds 45 cigars, including one which is a single-smoke.