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Optimo Save On 2 Cigarillos 30 Pouches of 2 Sweet


The Swisher Optimo Sweet Cigars have been synthesized to emulate the spirit behind the contemporary Swisher Sweets; however, their design blueprint was concocted for the purpose of transcending the qualitative standards of their filtered siblings. Made without the filter, these Optimo Sweets are produced to render a full bodied smoke in its full grace. Infused with a sweet overtone, these delectable cigarillos proffer a slower and more even burn due to their cloaking Natural leaf wrapper that prevails over the regular homogenized leaf. Swisher International had constructed this masterpiece very well, allowing for impeccable quality preservation and flavor delivery all the way to the end of the burn. 4x30 in their dimensions, these products yield the perfect recreational smoke.

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