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Swisher Sweets Tip Cigarillos BLK Pre Priced 69¢ Pack of 30 Cigars Grape

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Do you want to experience the very best that pipe tobacco can provide? You should look into Swisher Sweets BLK Tip Cigarillos Grape designed to mix some of the world's most sought-after fruit with one of most sought-after tobacco products available. The smoke sticks are clad in a luxurious Dark Brown Maduro veneer, each smoke stick has a an exquisite finish that is silky smooth and pleasing to the eye. Inside is a ripe pipe tobacco that has been cut and cut into small chunks, even pieces to ensure a consistent smoking experience. The delicious, smooth grape flavor is sure to delight your taste buds with unique flavor that is delicious and unique. The products are medium-bodied in its and provides a smoke experience that is comfortable on the body with regard to the flavor. Its length measures four inches and an average gauge of 30 you can be sure of a top quality and tasty smoke every time you smoke these cigarillos!

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