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Swisher Sweets Wood Tip Cigarillos 10 Packs of 5

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Swisher Sweets Wood Tips are a stylish version of the well-known Swisher cigarillos. Having a refined look and profile, these machine-made classics give you the massive smoke you crave on a quick smoke break. Each one filled with the highest quality of tobaccos and flavors that are as affordable as they are handy.

The filler is a flawless mixture of choice tobacco leaves and notes of Swisher Sweets’ special flavorings. Meanwhile, these first-rate machine-made cigars are skillfully created, using standard Cigarillo measurement and highlighted with a faint brown, all-natural Indonesian leaf wrapper. 

But what makes these unique is the wood tip. Each of these Swisher Sweets cigars comes mounted with a Birchwood filtered tip that brings out a woody essence to the smoke. This lets you draw in an earthy whiff, giving you the most pleasing, quick smoke break.

For this order, you’ll receive 50 Swisher Sweets Wood Tips Cigarillos for your smoking pleasure.

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