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White Owl Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2 Cigars Black Russian/White Russian


White Owl Pairs Black and White Russian cigarillos are a distinctive and limited-time offer that gives an excellent blend of two worlds. The combination of black and white Russian cigars is packaged in a handy pouch to make it easy to carry. They are light-bodied and are made from high-quality tobacco fillers.

These White Owl cigars come from ultra-thin wrappers, which encase the finest blend of tobacco. This lets the tobacco burn slow and smooth and allows you to take pleasure in every puff. These cigars are ideal for any occasion, and have received rave reviews from smokers who have been smoking for years.

The White Owl Brand is manufactured from Dothan, Alabama. They have a pleasing scent and taste. They're a perfect "everyday" cigar that's mild and suitable for all occasions. The white Owl cigars can be a popular option for a fantastic cigar experience.

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