White Owl Cigarillos 99 Cent Pre Priced 30 Packs of 2 Cigars Platinum


The White Owl Platinum Cigarillos are crafted with premium technology and are designed to be mild on the palate while delivering natural tobacco flavor. The HTL Indonesian wrapper is made to be exceptionally smooth, offering an unmatched consistency of burn and draw. The Cuban seed filler provides a smooth, mild tobacco flavor that is ideal for smokers who like a moderate strength cigar with a generous draw.

The White Owl brand has been making cigars for over 150 years, and these cigarillos have been a staple in the cigar world. They come in an exclusive size of 4½ inches in length and are machine-made for maximum flavor and aroma. The tobacco used in the cigarillos is highly packed and dense, making them reliable and durable. These machine-made cigars are the Platinum version of the popular White Owl brand. It is affordable, machine-made in the USA, and has an impressive tobacco flavor that is reminiscent of premium cigars.

Platinum White Owls are mellow and sweet cigars crafted with five types of tobaccos grown in different regions around the world. They are machine-made in the cigarillo style, and the all-natural light brown tobacco leaf wrapper is a highlight. The White Owl Platinum Cigarillos are packaged in a resealable FoilFresh pouch that guarantees freshness. This makes them a convenient choice, no matter where you are.