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Zen Filter Tubes King Size Full Flavor 1 Carton of 250

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No matter what flavor you like, you will have the same fantastic flavor and strong aroma using Zen Full Flavor filters King size. These premium filters are offered in handy packages that contain 250 tube, which makes them an affordable alternative to traditional cigarettes. They're perfect for every smoker who likes the flavor and scent of premium cigarettes without the high price.

Alongside the size that is king and the 17-mm size, this size also comes with a durable filter and high-end paper. It is also possible to purchase 100-mm long cigarettes tubes to get the best taste experience. They are available in light, menthol and full flavors and come in a practical 250-ct. box. Customers can pick the size that is most suitable for their preference at

Apart from the King size filter The company also provides smaller sizes. These filters are called King Size, and measure around 84mm are ideal for smokers who smoke from the comfort of their home. They can also be used using whole leaf tobacco and allow you to get the most authentic taste that you can get. To make things even easier they come in a compact packaging that is simple to keep and use. They also fit the majority of tobacco injectors.

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