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Zig Zag Cigar Cones Pineapple, 15x2pk


Zig Zag Pineapple Cones offer a delicious way to experience the wonderful taste of pineapple! They're slow-burning and easy to smoke, and come inside a protective box. They do not require rolling. They come in a value pack of 15.

Zig-Zag's Cigar Cones Pineapple is a pre-rolled cone which works with Zig-Zag cigar Wraps. Cones are funnel-shaped and are easy for filling with tobacco. The flavor is fresh, unadulterated, as is the fact that the smoke burns evenly. Zig-Zag was in roll-your-own-cigar business for more than 130 years, and you can be sure of their quality.

The cigar cones are produced by the Dominican Republic and come in many delicious flavors. Their non-bleached tip makes the perfect option for a slow, smooth burn. They also come in a convenient pouch. It is possible to save money by purchasing cones in boxes.

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