Zig Zag Natural Leaf Wraps, 25x2ct Vanilla Cream


The leaf of tobacco is naturally processed and dried before wrapping it in the natural wrap. Leaf wraps are distinct because they're naturally wrinkled and have natural imperfections. They're closest to the traditional rolling of cigars and are available in both natural and in their entirety. To get the purest tobacco smoke, try ZIG-ZAG Vanilla Cream natural wraps. They are hand-cut and come in Straight Up Sweet, Straight Up as well as Vanilla Cream.

Another advantage for natural leaf wraps of tobacco is that they burn slowly. Natural leaf wraps can be easier to roll than traditional wraps of tobacco and produce a naturally delicious smoke. Smoking tobacco can produce a variety of delicious flavors. The natural leaf wraps help bring the flavors to life even more. They're a great addition to anyone who enjoys smoking. The zig-zag pattern on the wraps provides an elegant element to the experience of smoking.

The ZigZag Original cigar wraps are created out of tobacco leaves that are pulped unlike natural leaf wraps and are high-end. They are the perfect blend of color and moisture. The size of the 'Rillo' allows them to be used for single-serving smoking cigars. Also, since it is possible to roll tobacco yourself, boxes can be stored easily. By purchasing by the box, it saves you 5 percent on the cost.

The most recent product in the cigar wrap line comes in the form of Natural Leaf Wrap. Natural Leaf Wrap. These wraps are originally a tobacco leaf and cut to size for cigar rolling. They are ideal for smoking in a group and king-sized cigarettes are created from synthetic tobacco. The wraps are able to keep the imperfections of the leaf which makes them the ideal smoking experience. The vanilla cream zig-zag natural leaf wraps are perfect for parties and gatherings