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Zig Zag Rillo Size Cigar Wraps 4 for 99 Cents 15 Pouches of 4 Blue

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Made to condense the size of a premium cigar wrap into the miniature dimensions of a cigarillo, the Zig Zag Rillo Size Cigar Wraps Blue entertain the highest in quality ingredients that originate out of the fertile lands of the Dominican Republic. Underpinned by a gentle taste of cool mint, these Menthol wraps allow for a tantalizing smoking experience that soothes the throat from start to finish. Distributed by National Tobacco, you can rest assured that you're holding a piece of quality in your hands every time you choose to cover your tobacco with a cloak that possesses high integrity. Grown with gentle care, each comprising constituent that goes into the makeup of these products has been perfectly ripened to perfection in order to yield the best taste, flavor and smoke in its class. Fitted into resealable pouches, you can rest assured that the freshness of the these products will be preserved for extended durations.

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