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Dutch Masters Foil Fresh OG Fusion $1.49 Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2


If you're a fan of Cuban-seed cigars, then you'll be delighted by Dutch Masters OG Fusion cigarillos. They are a smooth smoke that features an a blend of Cuban seed tobacco and the natural leaf of Ecuador as well as Sumatra. They are sold in packs of 30 and contain two cigars per foil-fresh package.

Dutch Masters cigars are available all over all over the U.S. and are often available at tobacco stores. They are a top option for people who are looking for an enjoyable smoking experience at low cost. The cigars are cheap and come with a scent that will keep you content for a long duration. They are produced within the United States by Altadis USA and then rolled by Altadis USA in Puerto Rico.

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