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Optimo Save On 2 Cigarillos 30 Pouches of 2 Silver


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What is the Silver? This is the flavor that allows for the manifestation of a tinge of sweetness, underpinned by traditional tobacco-based flavors and devoid of any other flavorful hints. On the inside, you will find 100% natural tobacco leaves, properly arranged in order to render a perfectly consistent smoking experience. With an impeccable draw and consistency, you will find yourself returning to these masterpieces over and over again. The homogenized wrapper leaf that binds these products allows for premium aesthetics and a smooth finish. This recipe is perfect for any beginner smoker that is only commencing to embark on a journey of smoking, learning his or her way around the palate in order to determine what their top preference is. These aromatic sticks have been around since 1898, withstanding the toughest tests of time over and over again. Each cigarillo is wrapped in a resealable foil pouch for the purpose of flavor and quality preservation. Pick up you Optimo silver cigars from tobaccostock and see what this delicious cigar has in store!

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